Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Day 13,696

I am pensive this morning. I just finished reading up on many other bloggers out there, and I am amazed at the extremes. I read about missionaries and their travels, friends finding a dream home, watched the Rachel adoption video (quite a tear-jerker), and even read about a teenager dealing with serious health issues. As I read through the poems and pictures, I felt as though my day is quite uneventful. That can be a good thing, really. And I'm not depressed, just feeling small, I guess. This world is huge and there are so many people out there, some experiencing sheer delight while others deal with pain. I have been in both places and somehow, it makes me thankful for my ho-hum day of buying groceries, planning my calender, picking up my kids from school, and going to choir practice tonight. Funny thing is, I know that it's all in God's care. The mammoth events as well is my kids homework. I am reminded, though, that each day is a gift, it's also a number, too. If, Lord willing, I have 27,300 days to live (75 years), then I am currently somewhere around 13,696. So, whatever I do with my day now, I should do it well. I should set my goals and work hard to reach them. I should run that 1/2 marqathon this year, I should finish college (someday). Because, at best I have only 13,604 days left, Lord willing. :-)

So, this is what my day holds...

Meeting Shannon at "Social Supper's" to book a date and try out a meal, more on that later...

Getting a space heater for Nathan's room becasue it is so cold in there.

Watching over Greg and a friend tackle the double oak tree that collasped on our fence and let 4 cows and a bull out onto our front lawn last night. They even made it to our front porch!

Kids home from school, homework, dinner, church, and finally bedtime.

It may be ordinary, but it's my day, and I will love it.

By the way, a huge CONGRATS to the Burch's. What a JOY to bring that baby home!!!

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