Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Finally, my first post of the new year! Some of you consistant bloggers are way ahead of me. However, I personally had a bit of a rough start to 2007.
Here you see a picture of my kids in snow gear - yes, we went skiing the first week of Jan!! A huge shout out to our friends, the Lennard's, for taking us to their place in Beaver Creek, CO. It was a tight fit for traveling with all 11 of us (equalling approx. 15 suitcases) but everyone had a blast. What an awesome place! It's beautiful, so much to do, lots of people from all over the globe, fantastic dining, healthy, more natural lifestyles... I'm wondering if the Lord needs my family's help in starting a church there... Ha.
I could show you many pictures of happy smiling kids, friends, mountains, etc., but the truth is, I didn't take but a few. So all the shots I have are courtesy of Miss Suzanne who happily hosted my week. She cooked all the meals, gave me medicine, picked up a sick Nathan from ski school one day, and flat out took care of all of us. I now call her "Mother." It's hard to be so sick when on vacation, I only stepped outside the condo into that fresh mountain air 2 times in 5 days. I regretted both times. Bronchitis set in deep with a fever and quickly the highlight of my day came when I could take another dose of Tylenol. I traded in my lift ticket and all my gear for a nice visit with a Resort Doctor who came to my room with the much needed antibiotics, and left with my right arm. ($$$)

Ahh, but it's Colorado, and how can you go wrong there??? Although I was sick, I still think the entire trip was well worth it. The kids went to ski school for 3 days, Lauren only 2 days. And here is my quick thought on that: it may be expensive, but WOW, it was worth the investment. All 3 had a great time, loved their instructor, and now can enjoy it anytime we want to go. They each have the basics down and will just build on the skill level every chance they get.

Greg's highlight - skiing all of day 3 with his 12 year old daughter who not only kept up with him, but even beat him down the mountain a few times! Green slopes no more, they were hitting the Blues!! and Lauren with NO POLES!

"Thy righteousness is like the great mountains; O Lord, thou PRESERVEST man and beast." Psalm 36:6 I'm not sure who the beast was last week, but we all were preserved and made it home safe!!

So we're all home now and settling into this new year, a new schedule, new challenges, goals, and dreams. Rough starts can be just that, a rough start and ONLY a rough start. There were just too many other great things that happened to our family to think of it as a bad sign. Here it is, Jan 10th, and I am resolve not to make any resolutions, but I will set goals. I may even share some of those with you here in my online journal... But for now, let's just get started.

Have a great day!!

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