Monday, January 22, 2007

Ice Storm 2007: How we passed the time

Oh, I'm so glad everyone I know is still alive! How we have suffered! We lost power for 6 whole days, but are now up and running at full capacity. This is what happened in memo form:

*Pre-ice storm... Our precious Duke got kicked by Cheri, the overprotective Mom of Presley the calf and broke his leg clean in two! Well actually it wasn't so clean, more like 6 chards of bone. This is now Greg's main sidekick, next to me, of course, so Duke had a 2 hour surgery to repair the leg. He will soon be able to do amazing things.... being bionic and all.

*Big breakfast with the card guys who stayed over, that was fun, cooking on my gas stove, I felt so pioneering.

*"When the going gets tough, the tough go to the CHATEAU!" Yep, we really did. And a big THANKS to HelterShelter, I loved it and I am not embarassed to say so!!! You see, we thought this whole power outage scam was about a 2 night deal, so we thought we'd have fun with it, there's stuff for the kids to do AND they allow dogs! It was a white dog convention everywhere. But don't worry, my dogs were the ones NOT wearing sweaters.

* Day 3, out to the Rodery's in Roygersville - fun, games, and my first try at sleeping on a water bed. very sloshy, but so warm!

*Days 4 and 5, back down to Branson, this time we were at Big Cedar! Another shout out to the Lennards for providing this fun, warm, place to sleep, complete with an empty your freezer protein feast one night, a new dressing called "Power Outage Viniagrette," and endless hours of swimming for the kids. I haven't laughed that hard during a game of Taboo in a very long time.

*Day 6, Dinner with the Reynolds, TACOS, yum. But I'm sorry we ate so much! :-) The kids had so much fun there, it just feels like home. I stayed with Greg's Mom while Greg babysat the generators and eventually got to unhook them! Yeah!!

So, Friday we were back up and running, Saturday Nathan had his awesome 10th birthday party, 10 boys, 10 light sabors flashing everywhere. Sunday we went to Nakato to celebrate again!!!

There you have it, our ice storm woes. I have learned to say "yes, thank you," when someone offers me a blessing and I am eager to return the favor any chance I get. I just wish I could do even more...

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