Monday, May 14, 2007

The Best Job Ever

I thought about sitting around and moping because I couldn't even see my precious Mom on Mother's Day. Hallmark induced guilt. No thanks. I will get to see her very soon, and we'll go get our toes painted, and eat till we waddle away from the tea room. Instead we stayed home and had a lovely day honoring... me. I rec'd hand made projects from school from Emma and Nathan, really good ones, too. And a very sweet, heartfelt card from Lauren. Sat. night I took a long soak in the tub, painted the toes myself, and read myself to sleep. Gotta love that. On Sunday we went to SS and church, and went home to kill some time and watched Greg play poker with the kids! We ate a late lunch/early dinner at Riverside Inn where the food was great, but the service not so... After that we came home, put on our swim suits and jumped in the pool. The kids did cannonballs as close to their Nanna as they could in hopes to get her all wet. I didn't stop them either.
Of all the things I could do in life, the achievements I have made, and the ones yet to make, nothing can compare to the absolute joy that motherhood brings. No money can buy it, no degree can prepare for it. It is without exception, the best job ever.

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Anonymous said...

You are so very right, and to think that God meant life to be like this for moms. What a wonderful Lord.
Lynn S.