Wednesday, May 09, 2007


So my daughter took over, yes, but I'm still here... waiting, watching, posting once in a long while. Life is a little too full to keep this current for my faithful readers, but maybe if I share the blog with La La Lauren we might have better luck staying on top of things and always presenting you with interesting and fun articles for your literary pleasure.

I liked Hillenblog's recap of his month, list form. It's how my Dad always functioned and I now carry on his legacy by writing a LIST. So, here goes a list of the Roy family highlights and RANDOM Thoughts:

*Me and hubby went on the best vacation ever to Cancun. Read 3 books each, gained back any weight I might have lost pre vacation, and got a tan. The tan is almost gone.

*Mers and Betty chased the kids and a calf while we were gone. Those silly calves...

*I got a new camera! Been researching this for a year and finally splurged on a Canon Rebel XTi with an awesome lens. Pictures to follow!!! Now accepting portrait bookings for summer! :-)

*Track in now over for Lauren. She hated it at first and wanted to quit, but just couldn't let down her team. By the end, she was sad it was over. Always stick with it, people! Ya never know what might happen!

*Reading a study on the Holy Spirit. Wow, do we really understand His presence in our lives on a daily basis? I know I sure don't. This is a great time for me to be learning, too. I'm not in any huge emotional distress, no grief going on, things are going pretty well in general. I can clearly learn and seek Him, actually thirst for Him, just because I want to know Him. Not because I need something major. It's a great place to be in, just asking God to teach me to recognize His voice. It's also pretty cool to pass this on to the kids, who really are mystified at the concept of hearing God's voice.

*American Idol - go Blake! No, I actually mean, GO!
Jordin's got it already, she is incredible.

*Only 2 weeks left of school! I knew we moved to LogRog for good reason.

*Planning a major road trip to Florida the first of June with stops in Atlanta (maybe), Ocala (Hello to the Eastins and Hoffmans!), Orlando ( ),
Tampa for Busch Gardens, and a beach somewhere on the way home!!! WHEW! And just in time for gas prices to go up.

*Gotta go kill the brown recluse spider I just saw running under my computer desk. Now, why did I move to LogRog???


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