Monday, November 17, 2008

Anchor Hill Valley



So a couple of weeks ago our family had our pic taken by another friend/artist/photographer from Rogersville, then I took their pictures - all in hopes of grabbing something both families can use for our Christmas cards. It was actually a funny event... hurry and gather everyone from school and work, get cleaned up, get to their house before the light was too low. I shoot them, we trade places, and it's our turn. Find another well lit spot in the valley, get set up and try again... trade places... hurry up the hill, it's brighter up there... it's freezing, my eyes are watering, and we were hungry...
Whew! Not the ideal way to have a photo shoot, but it was fun, I think we were successful enough, and I now discovered one of the prettiest valleys in MO. Complete with an abandoned 100 yr old farmhouse the kids say is haunted, horses, and glittering sunlight - if you catch it at just the right time.
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