Saturday, November 08, 2008






How fun is it to run around after a 2 yr old at a park and catch the perfect shot?! I forgot to come armed with french fries for bribery purposes, but other than the occasional "all done," from Gabe, he did really great! He's such a cute kid anyway, and smiles came easy, but I still had to be on my toes. You know with water nearby, and untrustworthy geese hissing at us at times, I still think Sequiota Park is a beautiful place. It comes complete with water, stone, trees, and an abundance of "goose noodles."
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Anonymous said...

Isnt' he adorable, inside and out, most of the time!!! Thanks Teri, you really captured his sweet nature! Kellye, (Gabe's very proud "MiMi")