Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November Sunset


Seriously, did anyone happen to notice that amazing sunset on Monday evening?! The clouds were so wierd, it was like a clean knife cut across the SW sky. Emma saw it first, and it was pretty neat at 3:45 in the afternoon. But later, when the sun fell to just beneath that line of clouds, it threw an amazing array of colors across the whole sky. Even Nathan, who had his head in the toilet 18-20 times that day noticed this display from the window. I jumped in the car with no gas in it, sped down to an open field, and grabbed what I could - so just in case you're head was in the toilet, too... here it is.
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alisia campbell said...

oh my goodness.
i totally noticed the clouds that night.
it was amazing. and so beautiful.
i was so bummed i hadn't brought my camera with me when i went to pick
up tyler from basketball.