Friday, February 26, 2010

A Bit 'O Business

What? A backdrop?! Artificial lighting?? Well, it seems I am now also doing corporate business portraits. Why? Because everyone just loves to get this done? Let's be honest, it's a CHORE for most people. I know this first hand because my husband, who is a wonderful business man, has not had his picture retaken for the company since 1993, give or take a few years, and a few pounds, and a few pair of glasses.
This is actually quite fun for me. I like the set up and I'm offering a great deal with an extra opportunity to get a FREE PHOTO SESSION.

So, here it is:

**For only $60, I'll come to your office and take corporate business pictures of up to 5 people. $80 for 10 people, $100 for more than 10 people.

**Each person will receive a disc with 3 images to choose from. Images will be completely edited, with choice of background colors.

**Every person who participates will get their name in a drawing for a FREE photo session! Drawing to be held on March 31 - my husbands birthday.

**Every person who participates will receive 30% off any prints if they schedule a regular portrait session that day(Family, couple, kids, senior, etc...).

Now that is a FANTASTIC offer. It's easy for your office, because I COME TO YOU and you can get several people photographed at one time. So quit procrastinating and set up your appointment today (Greg...)!

This offer is good until April 1st. It's a perfect time of year to get a fresh new look for your business cards or brochures. Just contact me and we'll set up a time...

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Anonymous said...

What a deal....sounds like sooooo much work for that price though...Have you contacted banks, tele co.. etc.. Greg could be the first one to get it rollin....wish you lots of success. Mom