Thursday, February 11, 2010

CS4 vs iPhoto

I am learning, learning, learning. After much frustration, I have finally figured out that there are certain photo editing tweeks that I have performed in iPhoto, that look great while editing within iPhoto. But the moment you click "Done" those edits are lost. They don't get transferred to a printed image at all. Basically, iPhoto does not do what it is supposed to do. So, with that, I migrate over to Photoshop CS4 where I belong anyway. There I can reduce all that grainy noise, remove spots, and add a person into a shot because they inadvertantly wandered away during the photoshoot. (How does that happen?)
So here is a before and after image... can you tell the difference? One was done with the iPhoto (free with the purchase of my Mac) and the other was edited with Photoshop CS4 (NOT Free at all)!

{{This is fun, I may have to make a contest out of this...}}


Mike Young said...

How fun! That would be a neat contest...if I only had a mac!

TangoDelta said...

Wow! That second photo is MUCH clearer/sharper. I looked at each full size and you can see the difference.