Friday, February 05, 2010

Winter Walk

Sometimes I miss the convenience of living in town... a quick run for milk, a drop by visit of a friend, and generally less snakes and stuff. But not this day. On Wednesday, we all woke up to a blanket of icy fog, and I was fortunate enough to have a stay-at-home morning to do laundry. And like all good photographers, or otherwise procrastinating homemakers, I opted for a walk among the glorious crisp white trees and fields. Days like this make me never want to get in the car... (especially since it's a Toyota).
The picture in the middle was taken with my new 50mm 1.4 Canon lens. See how the ice crystals on the tip of the branch are clearly in focus, while the rest is all blurry? Well, that's on purpose, folks. It's called "Bokeh." While my composition may be a little off, I love playing with that depth of field. It's so precise, that a pic of my dog's face can have her nose in focus, while the eyes get blurry. We want to avoid that, so it takes practice. Practice. Practice... I do love the results, though. I'm also learning about White Balance, and studio flashed set ups. You have to be a constant learner to make it in this business. It's technical. It's Art. It's people. It's JOY to me. And it's why I'd rather venture outside instead of hopping in the car to go to WalMart. **Sigh**, that's where I'm headed now...

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Anonymous said...

You are one lovely, generous, contemplative, intelligent, compassionate, many more ways to describe you....young woman...Love your most of all...YOU! Add the horse pic to my order...where will I hang all those? :) I'll find a place....when are you going to have a "showing?"....of all your work?