Sunday, October 03, 2010


Have you ever been to Bartlesville, Oklahoma? Well, now I can say that I have. And although it's stuck out there in Oklahoma, and most people whiz on past it on I44 like I always have... I discovered that this is a really cool place! It has an incredible downtown area, perfectly poised for a nice urban revitalization, yummy eating places (I judge a place based on good eats... that's just great), an amazing baseball stadium, very cool lofts, and from what I'm told, approx. 6,000 people come out for Friday night football games!!! Hey, a movie is currently being made there (which could possibly be a secret so I better not say who is in it), and one of only 2 Frank Lloyd Wright skyscrapers is built there. Like I said, it's very cool.
But far better was the fact that I got to reunite with an old friend to do her son's Senior pictures! Although time (alot of it) has passed, and we have lived in completely separate towns, I am amazed at how much we still have in common. Juli - how great it was to just catch up with you! What a wonderful family, what an even better story... Thank you so much for letting me take your sons pictures - I hope you love these images of your incredible guy!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Teri! It's so great you were able to do this! How nice of Juli to choose you for such a special assignment! You lived up to the job! Proud of you! Love you...Mom

Juli said...

I just keep looking over these and stand in amazement of the blessing it was to have you come shoot these photos of one of our most precious gifts here on earth - our oldest son!!

Danny and I are so very thankful for the time you took in travel and the time you spent here with Zach and me. It was indeed fun to catch up and show you our town of Bartlesville.

You have a given talent, thank you for sharing it with us to capture this glimpse of time for Zach as we look forward to all God has for his life.
Your photography is awesome!!

Janet said...

Ok, I now want to come to Bartlesville. LOVE THESE PICS!!! great job Teri, AND Juli for raising a great YOUNG MAN! :)