Friday, February 25, 2011

It's all about the SHOES

Lately, I've been noticing shoes. This could be due to the coming change of seasons, when I start to think through what horrid capri's and dress barn casuals are in my closet (not that there's anything wrong with dress barn!). But I'm gonna be real honest with you, I'm tired of flats. I've worn flats all my life, only breaking out of the rut about once every 5 years to throw on a pair of toe crunching, arch ripping heels. It's just that if I do, I would be a towering 6'1" or even 6'2" wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin's with the signature red sole.
For those of you who wish they were tall... it really is kinda nice. I can reach for the peanut butter on the top shelf and inadvertently find a stash of someone's chocolate. So, it does have it's benefits.
But, shoes. Oh, those shoes... I've decided to go try on a few new pair tonight. I'll let you know if you should find another hiding spot for your chocolate.

(By the way, these shoes are not my shoes... They were kicked off by a sweet young Mom during her photo session...They just got me to thinking.:))


Anonymous said...

I've always thought that even if you are tall to begin with, if you like heels, wear 'em!! (of course this is coming from a guy who's 6'3"..... :-))

Rick Orrell

Anonymous said...

You go for those platform, 2-3 in. strappy sandals for spring....They are gorgeous...and if I were not older than dirt, being 6 ft tall...I'd wear them, too...May do it anyway...Remember, your dad LOVED long legs......he's not the only your hubby does too....Love ya...Mom BTW cute blog about, of all things, shoes. And Teri, go to YouTube and look up Jeanne Robertson, (or Richardson)...the Miss America contestant, comedian...She's adorable and stands 6'2"...w/o heels which she wears all the time...Watch her....