Thursday, October 07, 2010

Change is Good

It's Fall and the leaves are about to change, and so are a few other things...

It's time to go BIG. Big, meaning the best of quality, service, and unique products to offer. If you have pictures online in my Proofing Gallery, you have UNTIL THE END OF THIS MONTH to view and order straight from that gallery. This is a great service that I have provided, and I have been happy with that gallery host, but in order to streamline the ordering process and my desire to offer the best product on the market, I have decided to switch to a different gallery host. I can now offer package deals, gallery wraps, proof books, albums, and "press books," all with countless options.

This basically means that anything I do that's new will be accessed through a different link. I will not put that link on my website until NOV 1st. If you are needing to view brand new pics, I will email the link to you. OR Facebook, or whatever...

IF you have images through my "old" gallery, they will be available until Oct. 31st. If your event or photo session was within the last 3 months, I will should be able to move those images to my new gallery for a time period.

Here is the link to my new online proofing gallery:

My personal thoughts about this - the new gallery is not as "flashy," just to warn you. I cannot attach music to it at this time. Bummer, I know. I also cannot make the images look better with neat backgrounds for each page. You think that means nothing, I know. But it does affect the presentation. I have been weighing what to do for some time, and have decided that if I have to sacrifice the flashy site for a better product that gets in your hands and hangs on your walls, then I'm doing it. There.

Growth means change sometimes. This is a hard step for me to take because I really liked all those bells and whistles. I just know it'll be worth it, though! And by the way, THERE WILL BE NO PRICE INCREASE UNTIL JANUARY 1, 2011. I don't think I have to raise the print prices much at all, but consider yourself warned! :) Just know that I am committed to creating the best possible images and the best possible price, and I will work until you are satisfied. That part won't be changing - it's just who I am.

Keep watching this blog for sneak previews of my photo sessions!

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