Sunday, October 24, 2010


"Livin the John Deere Dream..."
That's what his mom said when we shot this image! :)

And by the way, I have the world's BEST neighbor's! Not only do I get to use their pretty fields, pond, and barn for this photo shoot, but when I casually mentioned wanting a shot by the John Deere, he simply smiled and asked, "well, where would you like it?" He hopped on that tractor, drove it out to the middle of one of his fields, parked it, and watched with pride as I finished out this senior photo session.
Seeing this tractor and remembering his eagerness to help leads me to something totally non-photo related. You see, this is the same tractor - actually, it's beloved owner, Ray - that recently helped Greg out by lifting a massive cow to her feet after a tough delivery. (The cow gave us a fine little bull, but she never recovered) Our neighbor, Ray, has helped us with fences, mowing, emergency plumbing issues, and even picked up my daughter from school one time when I just couldn't get there! He has hiked with us, fished with my son, and his wife, Jo, makes the worlds BEST cherry pie. The world needs more people like our neighbors. We are privileged to live down the lane...

So, the tractor, an old truck, and the barn just made this photo session. The style was so fitting for Trevor and made him feel totally at ease! For time sake I'll just show ya one of my favorite shots...

It's been hard to blog lately. The leaves are starting to fall to the ground now, and these beautiful colors are sadly leaving us. But, it's made for some wonderful photos and I can't wait to share a few more of them here.
More to come!! Keep checking back!

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