Thursday, January 01, 2015

Jan 1, 2015 ~ BEGIN

It's January 1st and I promised myself I would just …


It may take a few entries to nail it all down here, but it's time to set some goals, make some changes, and get started. Yes, just like 87.765 % of the rest of the world.

So 2 good and very simple little things happened today, this first day of 2015. I walked a mile. I've done this countless times, but this is the first day of consistency. Just do a mile EVERY day this year.

The other thing is this - and it's monumental. I threw a perfectly good pan of gooey almondy flavored cinnamon rolls in the TRASH. Ouch. I took one bite, and threw the rest away! This leads me to my other big goal for this year:


Oh, I know how to "eat clean," but again, it's all about consistency for me. So, in the spirt of the that movie, "Julie & Julia," I am going to cook through the Eat Clean Cookbook. I doubt it will be movie-worthy, but I will make the attempt at all those good recipes and hopefully change how this family eats.

And finally, I will be here, letting you know how it's going, or not going. Even if it's just a 5 minute post from my crippled little phone, I will post daily. So check in tomorrow, and I'll let you know how mile number 2 went!

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