Friday, January 09, 2015

Jan 9 - Wind

The hardest part about this One Mile a Day thingy, is that sometimes I seriously don't have time! Today I got lucky though, & I happened to wear the right clothes into town- so when I had an unexpected free 20 minutes- out the door I flew! And this time, I ran most of my mile because it was so gosh darn freezing out there (22 degrees w lots of WIND!)... 
So, that's one more day of completion. 

One more day towards my goal. 

I'm setting up my booth for the MetBride Show on Sunday (come see me 11-4!!) so I may not have much time for this mile over the next 2 days. But this is about consistency and hitting my goal. I will have to figure it out. 

I'll keep ya posted! 

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