Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jan 10 ~ Plan

Another mile down.
This time I was able to bundle up and run it with my oldest girl by my side. And it was too cold to just walk it, we had to run! I have the gear all figured out now, so I'm ready for tomorrow.

Ah. tomorrow…
I have no idea how to fit even a one mile run in tomorrow. You see, I have a Wedding Photography display booth at the Metropolitan Bride Show in Springfield from 11-4, then we break it all down, load it on the trailer, drive it home, and unload it all into the barn. By "it," I mean the massive display I had built for me last summer. It consists of 3 large wall panels, 587,732,000 trim pieces, furniture, large wall size photos, a computer, and all the little stuff. I have to be there by 10:30 all set and ready to go. Fortunately, I think I'm ready except for bringing the computer.

So yeah, about that run. If I can make it happen, it will be early. And January in the Ozarks…

Early = COLD.

I am making my plan for the day. A day which starts 22 minutes from now. And I can't wait to see what my tomorrow will hold!

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