Saturday, January 03, 2015

Jan 3 ~ Queasy

So, we've almost completed our second full day of the liquid only diet, and I'd say it's been just fine... until now. Queasy. I'm gonna eat a banana! (Gasp!)

Greg & I actually walked almost 2 miles today in a 40 degree drizzle. And that wasn't bad at all! 

This is likely THE most boring post ever, but I'll say it again, it's about consistency! 
Maybe I should add a picture of a cute puppy just to keep things interesting. 


Ann Green said...

Happy New Year! I have no idea how I happened across your page is nice to see in print the battle I, to, have taken on..(along with the other

Eating healthier & exercising more..(and being bold as I build my business)..I'll stay tuned.

Teri said...

Thanks for joining me, Ann Green!