Saturday, January 03, 2015

Jan 2 ~ Journal

Those darn commitments. I said I would walk a minimum of ONE mile every day, and by golly, today I walked that ONE mile. 36 degrees and a cold drizzly rain. My pink and black polka dotted umbrella was a nice touch.

Also, today Greg and I started a 3 day liquid diet. Yeah, think what you want to, but we gotta do something that seems drastic to cut out the junk. So this morning, we started off right with a Vita Mix Cookbook recipe that wasn't too bad at all! (kale, broccoli, carrot, apple, water, ice, and stevia)

So, regardless if anyone out there is stumbling on this little corner of the intrawebs, I will be here, posting away, being transparent and honest. This whole blogging thing for me is about consistency, accountability, and peace. Peace, knowing that I am really doing something good for myself, and not fighting that all too present battle of guilt and justifying why I don't get anything done. I need to be held accountable to something, to someone. Friends are great for this, but sometimes they are just too nice. They won't have the heart to tell me to get my act together, my priorities in line, and start checking off that TO DO list. My husband would also be a great option for an accountability partner, but if you are married, then you know how that goes…

So that is why I am blogging again. And for the record, I hate the word "blog." As a lifelong journaling kinda girl who really prefers pen and paper and a notebook stuffed under the bed, I will consider this my new journal for 2015.

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